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Butterfly Garden Tips

The butterflies love this nectar plant.

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You will need nectar plants to attract and feed the butterflies.  All butterflies eat from nectar plants.

> You will also need the host plant for your butterfly. Butterflies will lay eggs on only the host plant that will feed the caterpillars.  (A list of Hawaii's butterflies and their host plants are listed under MORE and then HAWAII'S BUTTERFLIES.)


> Once the butterflies lay eggs on the host plant, watch for the eggs to hatch. As soon as the baby caterpillar emerges, break off the plant leaf and put it somewhere safe to grow.  In approximately two weeks the caterpillar find a safe place to hang and form into a chrysalis.  It will be approximately another two weeks before your butterfly emerges depending upon the kind of butterfly.  Some caterpillars take a shorter or longer to form into a chrysalyis than the Monarch.


> Your butterfly will be hungry on the second day.  Make sure that you feed it or release it close to nectar plants.  The butterfly will be back to eat and lay eggs if you have nectar and host plants in your garden.

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