Magical Butterfly Experiences Through Education &  Butterfly Releases

Butterflies are symbols of the spirit of freedom and happiness.



Releasing butterflies at your celebration will support efforts to replenish butterflies in the environment.

The butterflies you release will locate suitable habitat and will increase the numbers of the species.  Even though they are raised in protected conditions, they are not domesticated.  They will follow their natural instincts and seek their host plants & nectaring plants.

Why  Release Butterflies?

Sharing the Butterfly Experience 

Monarch Life Cycle

Monarch Butterflies

Our butterflies are all hand raised from caterpillars and never caught from the wild.

These butterflies are available for weddings, memorials, birthdays, or any special occasion that you'd like to create a special rememberance.



Butterfly Encounter Tent!


Want  to add something unique to your party?

Include a Butterfly Encounter Tent. Everyone can come in to feed and interact with the butterflies. Your guests will be talking about it for a long time! Up to 5 people at a time can fit in the 8' x 8' screen room tent to feed the butterflies.

Asian Citrus Swallowtail

Papilio xuthus


Vanessa tamehameha

Gulf Frittilary

Agraulis vanillae


Danaus Plexippus

Butterfly Releases Available Thoughout Hawaii

2017 Narcissus Princesses

Morgan Liu and Amanda Awai